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Producer Talks Eminem’s Cinderella Man

Posted By on June 25, 2010

     New producer Script Shepherd, who produced and sings on Eminem's new "Cinderella Man" track on his new "Recovery" album, says the track is a big song. "It's a stadium feel, an anthem," he added about the song. "Like marching, marching towards something. The sound is big, the message is big on the record. It's about just coming from nothing, not doubting yourself. It sounds like you're marching towards a goal. The guitars are rifting, and it has little bells keeping it melodic. It's a strong record that's motivating. And Em did something motivating with it. I just wanted to have people feel like they're moving with the record, have a 'Rocky' feel. It sounded more authentic to have people feel like they were stomping in the record."

Script Shepherd – Talks Eminem's "Cinderella Man" Track