UNO & 80s Music For Eminem On Tour

UNO & 80s Music For Eminem On Tour

    The Alchemist, long time Mobb Deep associate and hit-producer, now Eminem's DJ, recently sat down to talk about working with, DJing for and touring with Slim Shady himself.
[watch here] During an interview with Gooch, Alchemist talked about touring with the now sober Em saying "We play a lot of Uno on tour with Em. He enjoys my Uno game. Now that he’s sober, it’s a little bit different these days. Not many tequila parties before the show. It’s more like 80s music and Uno, and we’re ready to rock. Private jets, Uno, pizza, 80s music… Air Supply, “Fast CarTracy Chapman , Hall and Oates. That’s basically what we do." [watch here]

    Alchemist went on to talk about the now infamous prank Eminem pulled with Bruno at the MTV Movie Awards recently.
[watch here] The Alchemist recently dropped his "Chemical Warfare" album and Eminem is featured on the titled track so make sure you [listen here]

    BONUS: "I Know Your Name" [listen here] by Alchemist featuring Travis McCoy & Lil Wayne – [listen here]

The Alchemist – Talks Eminem & Bruno Prank


The Alchemist – Talks Touring With Eminem


Alchemist – Talks DJing For Eminem


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