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Eminem’s Manager Talks Em’s Celeb Targets

Posted By on July 29, 2010

     Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, recently talked about Eminem's habit of going after celebrities on tracks and how he has seen Slim Shady evolve over the years. Durinig an interview with HitsDailyDouble, Rosenberg explains why Eminem gets a kick out of making jokes but enjoys the reactions more.

      "He gets a real kick out of getting a rise out of people–he wants a reaction," Rosenberg said in an interview. "Whether you hate it, love it or think it's hilarious. It's like he's throwing the paper airplane in class to see who's paying attention–that's how his mind works. It's not as if he enjoys taunting, but he does like poking people, pushing their buttons. At the same time, this is a grown-up version of Eminem, but not Adult Contemporary by any stretch. It's an evolved person, who's evolving musically as well."


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