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Eminem’s “Warning” For Mariah Carey

Posted By on July 30, 2009

    Eminem dropped a new diss song directed at former girlfriend Mariah Carey and her husband of the year Nick Cannon called "The Warning" [listen here]. Starting the song "only reason i disssed you in the first place, was because you denied seeing me now im pissed off." "The Warning" [listen here] Mariah previously denied any relationship with Eminem, Slim Shady makes sure to give every detail even warning "bitch shut the fuck up before i put all them phone calls out, you made at my house while you were wildin out, before nick when yous was on my dick ill give you something to smile aboutpictures, recorded phone calls and more." "The Warning" [listen here]

    "And dont you dare say it isnt true, as long as that songs getting airplay im dissin you, im a hair away from getting carried away and gettin sued," Em raps referring to her recent single "Obsessed" in which Mariah dressed up like Eminem to which Slim Shady says "oh g that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee, wow mariah i didnt expect you to go balls out." "The Warning" [listen here] Eminem finishes up his "warning" by saying he has "enough dirt on you to murder you".

Eminem ft. Mariah Carey – "Warning"
(Mariah & Nick Cannon Diss Song) – LISTEN HERE

-[Lyrics Here]-

Mariah Carey – "Obsessed" Music Video