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Director Says Eminem Video Not About Kim

Posted By on August 11, 2010

       Every since Eminem's new "Love The Way You Lie" music video debuted, there has been tons of stories and theroies about it. As it broke many records for views, the director of the video, Joseph Kahn, says that the Rihanna-featured song is a story of two fictional characters and not about Eminem and his ex-wife Kim.

      "The subject matter is some of the most complex stuff I've ever handled … [and] obviously there are parallels, in terms of the song, with Eminem's personal life and Rihanna's personal life," he said. "And I had actually, like last year, been working with Chris Brown … so I'm in the middle of all this stuff, and I have to be very, very careful with how I tread. But ultimately, if you really look at the video, it's not about anybody in particular. … It's a story specific to two characters I created."

Eminem ft Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie