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Dreamworks Knocks Out Eminem Movie

Posted By on August 12, 2011

     Oscar-winning rapper Eminem's return to films has reportedly been canceled, at least for now. According to multiple reports, Dreamworks studios dropped the "Southpaw" boxing film which was set to star Eminem and written by "Sons Of Anarchy" creator, Kurt Sutter.

Eminem's planned return to screen acting just took one on the jaw. Southpaw, a story scripted by Kurt Sutter ("Sons of Anarchy") that would star the rapper as a lefty boxer whose life and career fall prey to tragedy, was picked up as a pitch by DreamWorks last year. But the studio today cut the project loose. Sutter and attached director Antoine Fuqua (himself a one-time Golden Gloves fighter) are free to take it elsewhere. (Slash Film)

As far as why Dreamworks decided to cancel the film, many movie blogs speculate that the studio felt there were too many boxing-themed films over the past few years.

Maybe DreamWorks was concerned the market is crowded with brawler films after The Fighter and the upcoming Gavin O'Connor-directed mixed martial arts drama Warrior, or maybe the studio's cautious after its big bet on Cowboys & Aliens didn't pay off. (Deadline)


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