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Yelawolf Gets Overwhelmed By Eminem’s Advice

Posted By on August 23, 2010

      New rapper Yelawolf recently sat down with vet, Eminem. Calling the event with his lablemate "overwhelming at first," Yelawolf says Eminem gave him advice for cutting back his drinking.

      "It was overwhelming at first," Yela said in an interview. "I thought, 'I'll just be cool,' but when I saw him it was different. This dude is like history. I felt the same when I met Big Boi and [Andre] 3000. These megastars and culturally-influential people, the first couple minutes you're just in awe…We talked about shows and touring and sh*t…I like to drink a lot, but I sobered up. I got some advice from him about getting sh*t under control based on his experiences…I just gave him my story — where I was from, how my music developed, and I let him listen to some material on the new album…He did me the honor of letting me hear his sh*t before it came out and it was dope."

Yelawolf – Talks "Overwhelming" Meeting With Eminem