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Eminem Had To Learn To Rap Again

Posted By on September 14, 2010

     Grammy slash Oscar winning rapper Eminem recently talked about how difficult it was during his battle with drugs in the last few years. The Detroit rapper says he had to re-learn how to write and rap after sobering up.

      "I had to learn to write and rap again, and I had to do it sober and 100 percent clean. That didn't feel good at first…I mean it in the literal sense. I actually had to learn how to say my lyrics again — how to phrase them, make them flow, how to use force so they sounded like I meant them. Rapping wasn't like riding a bike. It was [as much] physical as mental. I was relearning basic motor skills. I couldn't control my hand shakes. I'd get in the [recording] booth and tried to rap, and none of it was clever, none was witty and I wasn't saying it right…It was four or five months after I'd been clean when I started to get a glimmer of my writing skills back. I don't remember what song I was working on specifically, but I do remember getting feeling back in the music. I realized I wanted to do this again."


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