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Eminem On Cinco De Shady

Posted By on October 6, 2009

     Eminem stopped by Toca Tuesday's with Tony Touch (aka Tony Toca) to celebrate the five year anniversary of Shade 45, his Sirius-XM Satelite Radio station. Many topics were covered including (of course) Eminem's upcoming "Relapse 2" album, the Voodoo Festival (the only live concert Eminem is doing this year) and his video game with Jay-Z, DJ Hero. [Eminem Celebrates Shade45s Fifth Anniversary – Listen Here]

      When asked what he had planned for after the new album, Eminem said he is just trying to focus on the new record and anything after that is up in the air, including possibly doing another movie. [Eminem Talks Future Plans With Tony Touch – Listen Here]


Eminem On Cinco De Shady (Tony Touch Show On Shade45)



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