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Eminem Talks Working With Dr Dre To Finish His Relapse

Posted By on October 22, 2008

    Eminem recently said in an interview that his new album will have "a lot of material" [listen here] after he worked five solid months with Dr. Dre. Eminem said "For the last five months I've been working pretty much straight with Dre. There's going to be a lot of material, more so than I've had on an album with him producing before." [listen here].

    Eminem went on to say "Obviously his beats are insane but aside from that I can rap, I can write and not worry about what the beat has to sound like and how loud a snare drum is. All those things are taken care of for me. I feel like a spoiled rapper. I get to pick and choose everything." [listen here]

Eminem's new album titled "Relapse" is expected to be released by the end of the year while Eminem's memoir, "The Way I Am," [buy it here] hit stores yesterday. The book features tons of never before seen pictures, actual lyric sheets from his hit songs plus a bonus dvd with home video footage. Make sure you pick up your own copy now!

Eminem – Talks New Album & Working With Dre