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Martha Stewart Talks Eminem & Kanye West

Posted By on October 25, 2010

     Eminem and Kanye West recently were discussed by television homemaking queen, Martha Stewart. Interviewed for MTV's Hottest MCs special, Stewart talks about knowing about both artists.

"I don't know if [Eminem's] in the [Hottest MCs countdown] game but I think so 'cause he has an album that's, like, close to the top of the charts. It's always been Eminem. I don't know why, but it's always been…[He's] huge, huge, huge." Stewart added that she "also [likes] Kanye West. I think he's very good." In fact, Stewart is well-acquainted with Yeezy, and recalled an encounter with the Louis Vuitton Don at a tony New York City hot spot. "One day I met him at Nobu uptown," Stewart said. "We saw this table full of rapper-type guys and I said, 'That's Kanye West.' And everybody at my table said, 'Nope, they're imposters, they're impersonators.' And he then walks over and introduces himself and asks if he can come and see me at my office." (MTV)


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