Eminem & 50 Cent Are “Psycho” (Audio)

Eminem & 50 Cent Are “Psycho” (Audio)

    We all knew it was coming but even now that it's here, it's hard to believe… We think this track was the one 50 called "Norman Bates Motel" in old interviews … Either way, its HOT! Straight off 50's upcoming "Before I Self Destruct" album… Its….PSYCHO! JUST A SAMPLE of what is expected to be a GREAT ALBUM so make sure you pre-order it now below! [50 Cent ft Eminem – "Psycho" – Listen Now – Click Here]

      50 Cent

"Before I Self Destruct"

In Stores November 23rd


50 Cent ft Eminem – "Psycho"


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