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Just Blaze & Mr Porter Talk Eminem’s Relapse 2

Posted By on November 4, 2009

    Not much is known about Eminem's upcoming "Relapse 2" album but a producer on the album (and fellow D12 member) Mr Porter recently talked about the much anticipated album. Saying this is the "first time I’m producing songs for Em under me without D12 [since Infinite]. That’s big for me," Porter says one of the songs they did together is "as if we were back in the day." Many of Eminem's critics who say his early work was better than his new stuff, will be happy to know "everyday the kid is writing. I don’t know if Jay-Z is writing all day. He owns multi-million dollar businesses. Em writes all day," he said before adding "I’m fighting, because Just Blaze came in and kicked ass." [Eminem Talks About His Upcoming Relapse 2 Album – Watch Here]

    Just Blaze, who has been very quiet about his work with Eminem, kept details out of it when he said "It’s a challenge for both of us in the sense we’ve never worked with each other before. We’ve both been in the business 10 plus years."  He continued "We’re both very self-contained. He has his own production compound, and I have my situation with Bassline Studios in New York. Sometimes I’m like I need this [song] back in New York and he’s like I need it back in Detroit. It’s interesting because we’re both protective of the work and not wanting it to leak out. I’m in the same boat, because we both would lose money. Creatively it’s a good process. When it goes beyond a business arrangement, it always works out. I’ve had cases where people just want a beat because you’re Just Blaze. But here we are 2 people that are fans of each other’s work." [Just Blaze Talks About Working On Eminem's Relapse 2 – Watch Here]


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