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Eminem’s Relapse Delayed? – Maybe Says Source

Posted By on November 11, 2008

    The anticipation for Eminem's new album "The Relapse" is getting bigger but will the album hit stores this year? An insider told the New York Post that they think Eminem's album will drop early next year but there is still a possibility it might come in December. "There's a 50-50 chance it will be done the end of this year," the
source says "But most likely it'll be the first quarter of next year.
It's great." The source also told the post "Eminem has been through a lot. He is being a perfectionist and is completely obsessive-compulsive about this album."

    As previously reported, Eminem talks about the last few years in "The Way I Am," his new book recently released [buy here]. At a release party for the book, Eminem also put out a new freestyle called "Im Having A Relapse" [listen here]. So when exactly will Eminem's "Relapse" hit stores? Only time will tell.