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Freeway To Pay Tribute To Eminem

Posted By on November 12, 2009

    State Property's own Freeway has announced plans to release a new mixtape called "Freelapse," which he says will pay homage and tribute to Eminem and his recent "Relapse" album. According to Freeway, the motivation to make the project is based off Eminem, came from a freestyle by Slim Shady himself. "I'm dropping the Freelapse it's a tribute to Eminem using all of his beats," Free explained in an new interview.

    "What happened was Em did a freestyle and he was like 'I disappeared I was hiding in Freeways beard,' so I sampled that, made it a hook, and used it for a song. After that, I came up with the idea. Eminem is a talented emcee, he's got a lot of hot beats, and another artist would probably be scared to rap to his beats because he's murdered every beat. So I felt that it was a challenge for me to try to live up to the expectation." [Eminem Talks About His Upcoming New Relapse 2 Album – Watch Here]


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