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Rumor: New Eminem Album Coming Soon

Posted By on November 12, 2010

     Lots of rumors have been going around about Eminem and a possible new album bein released before Christmas. Now producer Alex Da Kid claims he worked on some Eminem music recently and believes it will be released by the end of the year.

     Alex Da Kid has a small but impressive resume with tracks like "Airplanes" (B.o.B) and Eminem's last single, "Love The Way You Lie" under his blet. He also reportedly worked on a lot of Nicki Minaj's upcoming "Pink Friday" debut album. When asked about his relationship with Eminem, he replied “I see him a lot now. I don’t really have that many friends and nor does he, so I think we’re probably both losers,” he said laughing… Despite not giving any details on Eminem's work, he did slip up when he said "when it comes out, it will probably be the biggest song in the last 10 years." Will we see a new Eminem album before the end of the year? Only time will tell.


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  • April

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  • FukBoi

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  • Lora

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  • Lora

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