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Eminem – Top Selling Artist Of The Decade

Posted By on December 9, 2009

    A new report says that Eminem is this decade's highest selling artist in the music industry beating out such legendary groups as the Beatles and pop acts like Britney Spears. According to the report, Eminem has sold over thirty-two milllion albums in the past decade while The Beatles (who came in 2nd) moved around 30 mill followed by country music stars Tim McGraw and Toby Keith.

    Britney Spears took the fifth spot with just under twenty-three million while rock slash rap group Linkin Park lands in 7th and fellow rappers Nelly and Jay-Z came in 8th and 10 respectively. [View The Top Selling Artists Of The Decade – Click Here]

    As far as individual album sales totals, Eminem has two in the top ten ("The Marshall Mathers LP" 10.2, "The Eminem Show" 9.8) while The Beatles' "1" album took the top spot with over eleven and a half million. [Top Selling Albums Of The Decade – View Here]

Top 10 Selling Artist Of This Decade:

1. Eminem 32.2
2. The Beatles 30
3. Tim McGraw 24.6
4. Toby Keith 24.4
5. Britney Spears 22.9
6. Kenny Chesney 22
7. Linkin Park 21.4
8. Nelly 21.2
9. Creed 20.5
10. Jay-Z 20.3

Top 10 selling albums in Millions:

1.The Beatles, 1 11.5
2.’N Sync, No Strings Attached 11.1
3.Norah Jones, Come Away With Me 10.5
4.Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 10.2
5.Eminem, The Eminem Show 9.8
6.Usher, Confessions 9.7
7.Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory 9.7
8.Creed, Human Clay 9.5
9.Britney Spears, Oops…I Did It Again 9.2
10.Nelly, Country Grammar 8.5