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50 Cent Says Eminem Is In Good Shape, Says He Will Look Good For His Return

Posted By on April 25, 2008

    Recent news reports said that Eminem has "has been packing on the pounds, and that as a result of his weight
gain, has become a recluse, venturing out of his Detroit-area mansion
only to gorge himself on meals from Taco Bell and Outback Steakhouse." 50 Cent told MTV that despite what those stories say, Eminem is not "starting to look like an M&M."

    50 Cent wanted to set the record straight. He said "Em is in shape right now. He looks good. I seen him in Detroit. He's gonna look real good when you see him return," continuing "He's in shape right now." 50 went on to say "The last time I seen him we played basketball together," continuing "He had a knee injury, so we chilled for a little bit."