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Eminem beats another Court Case

Posted By on October 21, 2003

On Friday, October 17th, Judge Servitto ruled in Eminem’s favor dismissing a defamation lawsuit filed by D’ Angelo Bailey, a former school mate of rap star Eminem.

According to the Associated Press, the judge included a 10-stanza rhyme as a footnote, which read: “Mr. Bailey complains that his rep is trash/ So he’s seeking compensation in the form of cash,” she wrote. “Bailey thinks he’s entitled to some monetary gain/ Because Eminem used his name in vain/ The lyrics are stories no one would take as fact/ They’re an exaggeration of a childish act/ It is therefore this court’s ultimate position/ That Eminem is entitled to summary disposition.”

The lawsuit was filed back in December of 2001, where Baily claimed that Eminem defamed him and damaged his rap career. He also claimed Eminem did this to gain credibility.

Eminem referred to his former classmate Bailey in the song “Brain Damage,” which is included on the Slim Shady LP. In the song, Eminem raps, “I was harassed daily by this fat kid named D’Angelo Bailey/An eighth grader who acted obnoxious, ’cause his father boxes/So every day he’d shove me into the lockers/And he had me in the position to beat me into submission/He banged my head against the urinal until he broke my nose/Soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me, and choked my throat.”