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Eminem In New Vibe

Posted By on November 14, 2006

Detroit rapper Eminem loosens up in the December Vibe magazine on the violent death of his best friend Proof and the pressures of the entertainment industry. His top two utterances from the story:

On Proof’s demise: “I was just like, I want to be home … I got to be with my kids, Haillie and Alaina. They’d known Proof all their lives, and I don’t think they understand death … It was my main goal to downplay it so it didn’t upset the kids. But I had some days that I couldn’t walk. I mean literally. I couldn’t get out of bed.”

On the burden of success: “I went for eight solid years nonstop … Its all trains, planes, and automobiles, and the pressure of trying to perform in front of all those people and not miss a word…People are counting on you: they bought tickets to see you. All that pressure, plus the pressure I felt at home. I just felt like, ‘Man I gotta fall back’.”

Missing from this story preview? When his next totally new album will be out and new details about his "Have Gun, Will Travel" remake. Pick up the new Vibe for more!