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Eminem Knocks Diddy from Top Spot

Posted By on May 29, 2002

Eminem’s new album made its debut at No. 1 on the album charts, according to figures released Wednesday.

Despite the album’s “week” numbers being based on a single release day, it sold a mammoth 284,534 copies on Sunday, which is the final day of tracking firm SoundScan’s sales week. Its sales were almost twice what reigning champ P. Diddy sold in the full week, according to SoundScan data released on Wednesday. “We’ve never had a record debut at number one on the SoundScan chart that hasn’t had the benefit of a full six days of sales behind it,” SoundScan chairman and CEO Mike Shalett said in a statement.

Retailers who already had the Eminem albums in stock reportedly did not wait until Sunday. They started selling copies as early as Friday and Saturday.

“I guess people couldn’t wait to sell this record,” said Steve Berman, Interscope’s head of sales and marketing, who lent his name to a song title on Eminem’s last album. “We had, at the most, a thirty-six hour window with limited public knowledge of availability. All of our advertising runs next week.”

Industry observers expect the album could crack a million copies for the current week, with sales boosted by Monday’s Memorial day holiday. The seven-figure mark has been breached only seven other times, including by Eminem’s “Marshall Mathers LP,” which bowed with 1.8 million copies in 2000. His worldwide sales stand at 25 million to date, said Interscope.

The new record ranks as the biggest seller so far this year at Best Buy Co. Inc.’s 846-store Sam Goody and On Cue chain, said spokeswoman Dawn Bryant. Despite the release date flip-flops, “we were ready for it,” said Bryant.

In a bid to trump the bootleggers, the first 2 million copies of “The Eminem Show” sold in the U.S. contain a limited edition DVD, featuring behind-the-scenes and performance footage, as well as an interview and a cartoon.

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