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Eminem On Internet Piracy

Posted By on May 21, 2002

On DJ Kay Slay’s new mixtape… it’s the skit before cam’rom’s track.. em says “this is the problem we have with internet bootleg DJ’s. It’s that, we don’t get paid for our work. So, if we catch you bootleggin’, we will kill you. Just kidding.

We’ll destroy you, take your tapes off you (and break your fukin’ computers) and break you’re fukin computers you fukin’ nerds. Stay off the internet if you can afford to buy a computer you can buy this cd you son of a b!tches. (We’ll shove a mouse up your a$$) We’ll shove a mouse up your a$$ you lil’ fukers, ha, you lil’ fuks, ha, you think that’s funny? ha you lil fuks. (SuckMyDick.Com) SuckMyDickKayslay.Com, Drama Kings, fuks.”