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Eminem Pranks LL Cool J, Says He’s Currently Working On New Music

Posted By on June 11, 2008

    Eminem recently made an appearance on his Sirius radio station Shade 45. Slim Shady called into the Tony Touch show while LL Cool J was on. Pretending to be a caller "Jason" from Miami, he challenged LL to a game of "name that tune." LL Cool J agreed to the game, not knowing it was Eminem on the phone. After a few rounds, LL said "You sound good saying them joints. Damn, B. That sounds like you need to write some bars, homie." Eminem finally gave up who he was by saying some lines from his own track, "Lose Yourself."

    Eminem went on to admit being a fan of LL's since childhood and asked him to hang out and watch the NBA finals. "Listen, man, you got this relationship with Dre. You're cool with 50, so when are we gonna hang out? I got cable at my house, and the game is on." Eminem went on to say he is currently working in the studio on new music. "Everything is good. I'm just in the studio now working on songs."

    Listen to Eminem Prank Call LL Cool J, CLICK HERE