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Eminem the MJ Copy Cat

Posted By on June 27, 2003

Eminem has one-upped Michael Jackson. Spoofing the pop star’s infamous baby-dangling incident that took place last November in Germany, Slim Shady actually tossed his “baby” up in the air on Tuesday in Glasgow, Scotland.

No, it wasn’t his daughter, Hailie β€” this baby was a life-size blonde-haired baby doll, seemingly masked, which a surgical-mask-wearing Em held above the crowd, tossed up, and caught by its head. Of course, he was on a first-floor balcony at the Arthouse Hotel, so the doll was in no danger.

Just in case that stunt seemed a little nasty, Eminem practiced a little preemptive redemption the night before. During his performance Monday in England as part of the U.K. leg of his Anger Management Tour, he bestowed a gold necklace upon one lucky fan, after denying tabloid reports that he’d gone on a half-million-dollar spending spree in that country.

The Daily Mirror reported that Eminem had been “splashing the cash” in several cities over the course of a week, buying Cartier watches, diamond necklaces and platinum bracelets, as well as designer clothes and toys for his 7-year-old daughter.

“I’d never spend that much on jewelry,” Eminem told the crowd in Milton Keynes Arena, according to British reports, before lifting the chain from around his neck and adding, “I’m not fronting, but this cost me $450,000.” He then offered up the diamond-encrusted “M” medallion necklace to a blonde teenage girl in the front section of the crowd.

Turns out the necklace is reportedly only priced at about $200, but the fan who got to take it home didn’t seem to mind. According to an NME news reporter who witnessed the passing of the necklace, the girl nearly fainted and almost threw up when she got the gift.

“She made this head movement like she was going to lose it, and her friends had to grab her, twice,” NME’s Marc Hayward told MTV News. “He said he was giving it to the most beautiful girl in the audience, but perhaps she was the only one he could reach.”

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