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Exclusive Anger Management Tour Video

Posted By on August 2, 2002

<P>RapBasement.com exclusively has the video that plays as Eminem’s opener on the Anger Management Tour. The video is played right before Eminem starts his act that also features his group D12.</P><BR>
<P>Click one of the links below to watch it now!</P><BR>
<P>QuickTime<BR>Low – <A href=”http://media.ion-e.com/~eminemfans/truemedia/video/rb/amt_em_low.mov”>LOW</A><BR>High – <A href=”http://media.ion-e.com/~eminemfans/truemedia/video/rb/amt_em_high.mov”>HIGH</A></P><BR>
<P>Real Media<BR>Low – <A href=”http://media.ion-e.com/~eminemfans/truemedia/video/rb/amt_em_low.ram”>LOW</A><BR>High – <A href=”http://media.ion-e.com/~eminemfans/truemedia/video/rb/amt_em_high.ram”>HIGH</A></P><BR>
<P>Windows Media<BR>Low – <A href=”http://media.ion-e.com/~eminemfans/truemedia/video/rb/amt_em_low.wmv”>LOW</A><BR>High – <A href=”http://media.ion-e.com/~eminemfans/truemedia/video/rb/amt_em_high.wmv”>HIGH</A></P><BR>
<P>-Props to ROM </P>

  • Sandro Suzart

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  • I am going to Detroit to the Monster Tour! 😀