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MTV.com – The Leak: Eminem “Eminem Presents: The Re-Up”

Posted By on November 28, 2006

Shady's back — kind of. Although he's got a few solo joints on Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, Eminem has said he put together the compilation/mixtape as a vehicle to showcase some of his new Shady Records artists.

And some very familiar names are present. 50 Cent makes a few appearances, as do Lloyd Banks, Obie Trice, Nate Dogg and members of D12. And although Eminem has said another project, not The Re-Up, will serve as a tribute to slain rapper Proof, the MC's untimely death clearly weighs heavily on their minds.

Eminem, who's been largely absent from the public eye, took a lead role in putting together the set, producing the majority of the songs, with the Alchemist pitching in on a few tracks and compiling the whole thing into mixtape shape.

  • 50 Cent duets with Eminem on the title track, throwing a few jabs at the Game in his verses. The G-Unit general pops up again on "You Don't Know," Em's remix of "Ski Mask Way" and "Jimmy Crack Corn." A fierce, revitalized Eminem rides solo on "No Apologies" and "Public Enemy #1."
  • Obie Trice tells MTV News he recorded the "Pistol Pistol" remix "after I was shot on New Year's Eve of last year. I felt like I wanted to vent. D12 was in the studio with me. Proof was there. They was letting me go for it. I was doing my thing. I just wanted to express myself. It's a lot of haterism going on here, 'cause there ain't that many stars here in Detroit."
  • Atlanta's Stat Quo (who appears on "By My Side," "Tryin' Ta Win" and "Get Low," among other tracks) was invited into the Shady family after Em and Dr. Dre heard him on an underground Atlanta mixtape, while the ATL's Bobby Creekwater ("There He Is," "Smack That" remix) got his deal after Em heard his work on some demos and studio sessions with Alchemist. Chicago native Ca$his ("Talkin' All That," "We Ride for Shady"), who moved to Orange County, California, as a kid, came to Em's attention thanks to his work with West Coast underground group The Renegadez.
  • Ca$his says he put down rhymes for "Everything Is Shady" the day after Proof's funeral. "I was feeling like I was listening to how everybody was saying our camp was puttin' out flops," Ca$his recalled. "Like the hook say, 'We took a break for a minute, now we bangin'/ We been listening to every thing you been sayin'/ And now we comin' for everybody who been hatin'.' I sent it to Eminem and he was feelin' it."

provided by MTV News