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Real Life “Stan” Steals Kim Mathers’ Cell Phone, Urges Eminem To Peep Demo

Posted By on June 1, 2007

An aspiring Canadian rapper reportedly earned a visit from local authorities and a call from Detroit police for stealing the cell phone of Eminem's ex wife, and dialing the multi-platinum rapper.

According to Canada's Windsor Star, Kyle Spratt, 18, of Windsor, Ontario snatched Kim Mathers' phone at a Windsor bingo hall, where he worked, while she was outside smoking. Spratt would then call Eminem on her phone asking him to listen to his demo track.

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"He was a real (expletive)," Spratt told The Star. "He pretended it wasn't him and he did a fake voice."

Spratt would then receive a call from Detroit police telling him to stop harassing Eminem.

Frustrated with the cold reception he received from his idol, Spratt, who recorded the conversations he had with both the Detroit police officer and Eminem, sampled them in a song titled "Slim Sellout" attacking the rapper.

"I was a huge Em fan growing up," Spratt explained." Now, it's like, (expletive) him."

Spratt posted the song on his MySpace page and received 1,400 hits in two days. The link to the song was removed from Spratt's website on Wednesday (May 30) and Windsor police paid the jilted rapper a visit.

According to Windsor police Inspector Greg Renaud, Detroit police contacted them saying that Spratt told Kim Mathers that if he wasn't going to get some promotion from Eminem, "he was going to post the photos of [their] children on the web."

Spratt told The Star that the police checked his computer but didn't find any photos. He also claims that Kim Mathers misread one of the text messages he had sent her.

"I was text messaging back and forth with Kim Mathers and she was being pretty rude to me, so I said something to the effect of, 'wait until I get a hold of paparazzi,'" Spratt explained. "But, like, I was just trying to get her going. It did get her going. She assumed that I took pictures off her phone, which I did not."

"They said that Kim thinks that I'm going to put out pictures of her kids that were on the phone, which is not true," he stressed. "Kim was just doing that to stir the pot."

Renaud said the Mathers family will not be pressing charges because Spratt has already paid for his crime by losing his job at the bingo hall.

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