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Shady Invasion II: Conspiracy Theory

Posted By on April 11, 2003

On his radio program Thursday night, New York’s DJ Kay Slay premiered a new Eminem and 50 Cent freestyle aimed at Ja Rule and Murder Inc. built on the beat from Tupac’s “Hail Mary.”

At the beginning of the song, 50’s manager, Chris Lighty, whom Ja labeled a coward on a freestyle last week (see “Ja Rule Calls 50 ‘Loose Change,’ Disses ‘Feminem’ And Dr. Dre “), calls out Murder Inc.’s founder. “F— you, Gotti!” Lighty yells.

“Irv Gotti, too much Bacardi in his body,” Em chimes in, using the same flow as Pac used on the original “Hail Mary.” “You ain’t a killer, you a pu—/ That ecstasy got you all emotional and mushy/ *****es wearing rags in photos/ Ja’s word being quoted/ In The Source, stealing Pac’s sh– like he just wrote it.”

Em continues his Pac impression on the chorus, rapping, “Come get me/ Muthaf—er, if you want Shady/ If Pac was still here now/ He would never ride with Ja/ Na, na, na, na, na.”

Then 50 Cent, who has a song out now with Tupac called “The Realest Killas,” comes in. He borrows lyrics and uses the same flow from Makaveli’s “Hail Mary” and “Against All Odds.” He insinuates that Ja is a closet homosexual, calls Incster Black Child ugly enough to scare kids, and declares Irv Gotti is old and flabby like retired boxing great Larry Holmes.

Slay told listeners that Busta Rhymes was on the third verse, but he didn’t play that part, saying people would have to wait for his new mixtape to hear the entire track.

The “official” version of the song, though, does not include Busta, who didn’t record with Em and 50, a Shady/Aftermath spokesperson said. The untouched “Hail Mary” freestyle hits the streets Monday on the Shady Records mixtape Invasion Part II: Conspiracy Theory, the sequel to last year’s Invasion. Like the Invasion mixtape, Conspiracy Theory was put together by Em’s DJ, Green Lantern.

According to the crew, more disses are on the way, including a track called “Haile’s Revenge” that features Em’s daughter, Haile Jade, in the background and Slim Shady and D12 on the mic.

That track is said to be a response to Ja’s lines of “Em, you claim your mother’s a crackhead/ And Kim’s a known slut/ So what Haile’s gonna be when she grows up?”

There’s also a G-Unit and 50 Cent collaboration called “Bump Heads,” and not too be left out of the fray is incarcerated G-Unit member Tony Yayo. He has a freestyle aimed at the Inc. To make the mixtape, he called in from prison and rapped over the phone.

Conspiracy Theory won’t be all disses and bad blood, though. New tunes from the G-Unit, plus “Make It to 8 Mile,” one of the first tracks from Obie Trice’s debut LP, will also be included.

For a full-length feature on mixtape culture and the role of mixtapes in making a rapper’s career, check out “Mixtapes: The Other Music Industry.”

BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE – we also heard that Lil Mo and 50 have a song dissing Ja where they remake Ice Cube’s Amerikkka’s most wanted. There is a Busta dis floating around too. What is REALLY good?

in addition to this over at the okayplayer boards ?uestlove is confirming that hes heard an entire album of Eminem disses going at murder INC that he described as “Best of Both Worlds done right”. All I can take this to mean is that its an entire Eminem and 50 album.

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