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Source Reveals Clip from Eminem Tape

Posted By on November 18, 2003

The Source Magazine unveiled to a small group of reporters what they labeled a racist clip of Eminem freestyling.

The clip, which seemed to be a portion of an entire song, features a young Eminem circa 1993, rhyming over a beatbox and primitive drum machine.

At a press conference in Manhattan, founders Dave Mays and Raymond “Benzino” Scott continued their assault on the rapper, alleging the tape was insulting to African-American’s.

I’ll get straight to the point/Black girls are b*tches, that’s why I’ma tell ya you better pull up your britches/Cause all that cash is making your ass drag from the boyfriend ya ganked and that’s pretty bad/I mean that’s pretty sad when ya dating a Black guyAnd then you turn around a f*ck another big, Black guy now that’s pretty wrong, but you’re just ganking/But that’s okay because you need a godd*mn spanking/From me, the funky Eminem

After the short verse, the clip fades out before the song finishes in its entirety.
Source: All Hip Hop