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The Brothers Who Discovered Eminem Sue Interscope Records, Dr. Dre & Aftermath Entertainment

Posted By on March 7, 2008

The two brothers who are famous for discovering the worlds most successful rapper, Eminem, have filed a suit against Aftermath, Interscope Records and Dr. Dre's Ary Inc. Mark and Jeff Bass are claiming the companies have failed to pay them millions of dollars in royalties. Basically they claim that the labels charged production costs and other expenses to them, when they should have been billed to Eminem, so they lost millions of dollars in royalties.

The details of the case are pretty complicated, click here for a summary and to read more.

The details of this case are a little complicated, so try and stick with us… In summary, the Bass Brother's own F.B.T. Productions, Joel Martin own's Eminem's Publishing company '8 Mile Style' along with their company Em2M. Eminem signed an exclusive artist recording agreement with Em2m in 1995, then in 1998 F.B.T. signed an agreement with Aftermath Entertainment agreeing to furnish Aftermath with exclusive services of Eminem, alon with Eminem signing an angreement acknowledging and approving the deal between F.B.T. and Aftermath, so that Dr. Dre could obtain Eminem's exclusive services. In order for Eminem to have a direct deal with Aftermath,
F.B.T. assisgned all rights and responsibilities of their agreement to
Eminem, therefore Eminem assumed all of F.B.T.'s obligations to
Aftermath and then Aftermath assumed all of F.B.T.'s obligations to Eminem.
The lawsuit claims that all parties agreed that F.B.T. would remain an
income participant in all future releases by Eminem and that royalties
earned from Eminem's music would be paid to F.B.T., Em2m and Eminem himself. Paul H. Duvall and Mark Block,
the lawyers for the Bass Brothers, are seeking an undisclosed amount in
damages that a jury might decide on if it goes to trial.