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Eve Gets Ready To Whip It!

Posted By on October 21, 2008

    Ever wonder what happened to Eve? Well she's become an actress. After roles in "Barbershop", "Barbershop 2: Back In Business," "XXX", "The Cookout" and "The Woodsman", the Philadelphia rapper recently signed on to star in the upcoming comedy slash drama called "Whip It!" The movie is based on the life of L.A. Derby Doll Shauna "Maggie Mayhem" Cross, who wrote the book called 'Derby Girl' from which the movie is adapted. Eve will play the high profile role of a roller derby diva "Rosa Sparks" opposite Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page and Juliette Lewis. "Whip It" will also be directed by Drew Barrymore (her first time). Filming for "Whip It!" will start sometime in March of 2009.

    In related news, EVE was on a remix of "Gettin Up" [listen here] with Mos Def. The song features a sample from hit song "All About The Benjamins" so make sure you check it out! [listen here]