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Swizz Beatz Says Eve Isn’t Gone, She’s Coming Soon

Posted By on February 4, 2008

Swizz Beatz recently told MTV to not give up on Eve. Her album, Here I Am, has been pushed back so many times but he says it isn't dead. He says they are going back into the studio and he will produce a lot, if not all, of the album. Swizz also says he probably will do the same for Cassidy's album. "It ain't over until it's out," he said. "Everybody wants the best for her. We just regrouping and starting back." "It wasn't too many follow-ups that can follow up after 'Tambourine,' just like there wasn't too many follow-ups that can come after 'My Drink N' My 2 Step,' " he continued. "You get those type of records … I'm sorry to make those type of records, but sh–, they're hard to follow up.

"I'mma get back to doing the [whole] album thing," he added. "It eliminates the problem of what we go through. I let the artist use who they wanna use, this and that, it's crazy. The following up [to the songs I produce], sh– becomes hard. It's a formula and sound the people are looking for and want. You gotta stay in a zone. If I make 'Drink and 2 Step,' the next three beats I make will be not the same, but [I will make] the same vibe, where it's not too far off, where you can groove. When you get all these different producers, it messes up the formula."