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Fabolous Never Offended by Anti-New York Sentiments of Lil Wayne

Posted By on January 25, 2013

In an interview with MTV News, Brooklyn Rapper, Fabolous, admitted that while he alluded to Lil Wayne’s anti – New York sentiments in his single “So New York”, he never had any animosity toward the Young Money CEO. Fabolous says, that the city of New York has not been in the best of places musically and it was his hopes that “So New York” would lift the City’s spirit in that area.

“It’s his opinion,” revealed the Brooklyn rapper. “So if he doesn’t like New York it’s not a bad thing. I do feel he spoke it out because it was how he felt. New York isn’t at its strongest point musically or something like that. It’s also hard to say that about any place. I don’t care if you do an interview and say ‘Yo, I don’t like Kentucky.’ The people of Kentucky are gonna have a little gripe about that…I took what he was saying and tried to empower some pride back into New York. You know what I mean, ‘I’m so New York, Weezy probably don’t like me.’ That’s what it was more about. Just making a statement and taking what he said and motivating people with it.”

Fab even took the opportunity to squash it all when the two rappers appeared at club liv in Miami, Fl.

“I seen him at Club LIV and when I saw him I was like, ‘I’mma go over there and holler at him.’ Just to check the temperature and make sure everything’s okay because you know people hearing things and I don’t know which way they took [it],” said Fabolous. “And he actually came over to me and came and said ‘what’s up’…That was the end of it there. It was no reason to dwell on it. I even actually took a picture for my Instagram just to show the people that it wasn’t no big deal.”