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Fabolous Wants Nas To Come Back

Posted By on March 10, 2010

     Fabolous recently did an interview where he publically asked Nas to prep a strong comeback, not to mention remember the younger generations of rappers with skills. Fabolous thinks that young hip-hop heads and fans don't really know of Nas and his early 1990's work.

     "Nas, Nas, like Nas is so ill," Fab told interviewer Karen Civil. "I think this younger generation of hip-hop really don't know, like, I got a dude who rolls with me, he's like 21, 22, he don't know any of the ill Nas, he don't know Illmatic, you just don't know that Nas that I grew up with. I wish Nas would just let these young boys know he's that dude."

Fabolous – Wants Nas To Come Back