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Fabolous Talks Jay-Z Collab & Relationship

Posted By on June 8, 2009

    New York rapper Fabolous recently talked about his collaboration with Jay-Z called "When The Money Goes" [listen here] plus how he once shared the 9/11 release date with the former president of Def Jam. "It's a joint about when you're doing your thing and everything is good
all the time and the ladies are rolling with that but lets say those
things change and the sun wasn't shining as well, would the honey be
around then," Fab explained about his collab with Jigga. [watch here]

    Fabolous went on to talk about his relationship with Jay-Z.  [watch here] "[Him being president] definitely influenced our relationship. Of course we had seen each other in passing of course throughout the years but now with him being president we developed a different kind of relationship, you know what I mean? An artist-to-president relationship and also an artist-to-artist relationship as well because we've collaborated twice since then, so I think it was dope. And I always been a fan of Jay's music so it's a good thing…[September 11th, our albums] came out the same day…It was a good day for hip-hop and sometimes I think the music helped out, people got to take their minds off some of the stresses going on through that at the time." [watch here]

Fabolous – Talks Jay-Z Collab, Joe Budden, New Album