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Fabolous Says Autotune Was Trendy

Posted By on June 12, 2009

    After Jay-Z recently dropped his "Death Of Autotune" [listen here] track, Fabolous has come forward to talk about who really genuinely represented Autotune and who really just copied their style. [watch here] "Autotune just became trendy man," he said in an interview. "Like everybody started to feel like, 'Okay, I'ma make a record and just put autotune in my voice and sing.' The people who were successful with using autotune, T-Pain, he did it with R&B. Kanye [West] took it a different kind of way trying to alternate hip-hop and then Lil Wayne did it in a hip-hop form." [watch here]

    Fabolous went on to say that everyone else just copied their style. "I think they were successful and people looked at that and said, 'We gonna just jump on top of that and make this thing our way of doing it.' It just took autotune to this trendy place and anything that gets very trendy like that, it's usually the death of it. Jay-Z was the one who took a stand and said I'm tired of this sh*t. And I think a lot of people felt that way." [watch here]

Fabolous – Says Autotune Got Too Trendy