Fabolous Talks Details Of Amber Rose (Video)

Fabolous Talks Details Of Amber Rose (Video)

     Brooklyn's own Fabolous recently put an end to all the gossip surrounding the rumors about him and Amber Rose the video vixen, slash ex-gifriend of Kanye West slash girlfriend of Wiz Khalifa. Denying he ever slept with her, Fabolous did say she was more than a friend.

"Did I ever smush," Fab said, repeating Tim Westwood's question. "Smush? What kind of word is that? Is that like a UK word for [sex]? Uh, OK. No. She's just a friend. [Kanye West to me to Wiz Khalifa?] Nah. I was out of that stepping stone. I got moved out of that equation. I guess it just went from Kanye to Wiz." ("Tim Westwood TV")

Fabolous – Talks The Truth About Amber Rose


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