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Fabolous Says Beefs Hurt New York

Posted By on August 24, 2009

    Being a rapper who's avoided rap beefs, Fabolous recently talked about why the New York hip hop scene has went from setting trends to having beefs being the main attraction.  [Fabolous Says Rap Beefs Hurt New York – Watch Here] Besides blaming beefs for holding back New York and it's rap scene, Fabolous gave some advice out for fellow NY rapper Maino.

    "If you know me and follow my career, you know I ain't never been the type to speak nobody else name really," Fab pointed out in an interview. "Or try to assasinate somebody else character and gain fame for myself — I don't even speak n*ggas' names, to me, that's really bullsh*t, like, that's girl sh*t…I told [Maino] 'you gotta concentrate on making songs, like all the beef sh*t and all this sh*t n*ggas doing in the streets…' That's one of the things that hurt New York. N*ggas are not making songs, they're so busy talking about other motherf*ckers. I don't got no time to focus on other motherf*ckers, I"m focusing on my sh*t and me making hit songs continuously." [Fabolous Says Rap Beefs Hurt New York – Watch Here]

Fabolous On Beefs – They Hurt New York