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Fabolous Late Start Blamed For Shoot Out

Posted By on August 31, 2009

    Last week we reported that a recent Fabolous concert ended wit gunfire, now the owner of the Pennsylvania nightclub has come forward to speak about the two victims and why he thinks the rapper's late start could have sparked the gunfire itself. Accordin gto Crocodile Rock Cafe's Joe Clark, the shoot-out could have possibly been avoided if Fabolous would have started on time.
    "It was only around 700 people," he said in an interview. "It was fine, the show was fine. The job was done. There was nobody even ejected. I had plenty of security. I mean this happened at 2:30 a.m. when all our security leaves…The last couple of times police haven't shown up for certain shows. I was wondering if they were coming that night. So, they put me on hold and went to check it out and came back to tell me they weren't coming…So I called the promoter and told them that they are saving money on police, but I want five more security guards…So what happened is that he got the guards, and the show went on. What makes me ill about these artists is that they come in, the show is supposed to be over by 1 a.m., but they don't go on til 1:15. I don't want the crowd here at 2 a.m., and we demonstrated that in so many, many show…We've had lots of rap shows. We always tend to step up security for rap shows…Properly managed, it can be done. But then we got the stigma factor out there that rap concerts are problems. Look again, I called the police and they couldn't come."