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Fabolous Talks About His Rise To Power

Posted By on August 31, 2010

     Fabolous recently announced plans to put out his next solo album, "Loso's Way: Rise To Power," focussing on showcasing his underrated talent. Despite not giving an exact date, Fabolous talked about the project's overall theme.

     "The next album is Loso's Way 2," Fab said in an interview. "I'm putting that together now. I like to sit down with the whole scheme of things and see how I'm gonna present it. The subtitle is gonna be 'Rise To Power.' I think that's appropriate coming off the year I had, and the fact that I'm taking that next step…I still feel like I'm telling my story. I've been consistent, I've had hit records, but I don't feel like I've peaked. There's still things to come and the end of the story's not here yet. Part of leaving your legacy is not worrying what everyone is saying about it. It's always gonna be people who's sleeping…Things get overlooked and people put you in a box, but I'm not here to prove something to anybody. I'll try to connect with those who don't recognize, but that's not the goal of my whole career."

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