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Fabolous Backs Jigga Even At 40

Posted By on September 7, 2009

    Fabolous recently backed up Jay-Z's lyrical talent and overall skills. With Jigga's 40th birthday getting closer and closer, Fabolous says "Jay, at 40 is still @ da top of the game lyrically. Not many rappers r
able 2 say that, ever. Support real hip hop, Blueprint 3 & Loso's
." Posting on his Twitter account over the weekend, Fab even mentioned Jay-Z's H-O-V lane line writing "What's crazy is, I saw the H-O-V lane line 4 yrs but couldn't use it cuz my name aint Hov." Fab wrote Sunday (September 6) morning. "Lol'H-O-V, got my own lane already' finally."

    Jay-Z recently talked about the age issue. "No matter what I do, any person that gets to this stage of their life is going to do whatever is in their heart," Jay explains XXL Magazine. "I think people should make music as long as their heart is in it. As long as they're pushing past the deadline four times and they're still making more records. Like, there are thousands of boxers that could have retired before they had that fight, Muhammad Ali for one. But you never stop — because of one, your passion or greed, your financial situation, there may be a need, you know? The thing that I can do is stretch the subject matter. Whether Kingdom Come was your favorite album or not, '30 Something,' you have to deal with that subject matter [in that song]. If [the target audience is] 15 to 25, that's too narrow. What am I going to listen to at 26 and beyond? That's a quarter of my life." [Jay-Z Talks About His Favorite Album – Watch Here]

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