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Fabolous Responds To Soulja Boy Beef

Posted By on September 8, 2010

     After being called out multiple times by Soulja Boy Tell Em, New York rapper Fabolous responded to young rappers taunts and engaged in a twitter fight. Taking to his account yesterday, (September 7th), Fabolous went on to mock Soulja Boy for being a cocaine addict.

"Jus finished my 3rd photo shoot of the day. Now that I'm finished I can finally pay some attention to a 19yr old cokehead named @SouljaBoy," Fab tweeted.
"Let's hav some fun.. New #TT #SouljasCokeHabit"
"#ParisHiltonsCokeHabit ain't got sh*t on #SouljasCokeHabit.."
"#SouljasCokeHabit had him wearing a chain made outta rubberbands when he 1st came out. Now he upgraded to a bunch of #BrianPumperJewels."
"@SouljaBoy's biggest hits weren't on his albums.. They were on his dresser in a hotel room wit Kat Stacks. Thank#SouljasCokeHabit"
"#SouljasCokeHabit made him talk sh*t about me on twitter. Then he sobered up, and deleted the tweets#TypicalCokeHeadSh*t"
"Let me find out,#SouljasCokeHabit got him Amy Wine'd out.. Got em hooked like he threw a fishing line out.." (Fabolous' Twitter)


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