Fabolous Talks Aftermath Of Soulja Boy Beef

Fabolous Talks Aftermath Of Soulja Boy Beef

     New York rapper Fabolous recently talked about his short-lived beef with Soulja Boy Tell Em (via twitter) and asked why certain people misread the disses they threw at eachother. Taking to his twitter account, Fabolous made sure everyone knew that his words were no more than jokes.

"I c yall still stuck on the soulja boy situation.. A couple jokes, & a lil bit of name calling is not BEEF, at least not where I come from," he tweeted this week.
"Also whoever thinks its COOL for a 32 yr old 2 fight or talk tough to a 19 yr old on twitter is a LAME!"
"I may joke, make fun of situations, & start trending topics but I never call someone disrespectful names or made twitter threats" (Fabolous' Twitter)

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