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Fabolous Questions 50 Cent’s Music Festival

Posted By on October 6, 2009

     Although 50 Cent held his ThisIs50 Festival over the weekend where he united many New York artists, Fabolous questioned 50 Cent's intentions saying that his past beefs destroyed the unity of New York rappers. "Its interesting to c 50 Cent unite wit NY artists when he's 1 of the reasons NY hip hop became so isolated & crumbled..Do u agree NY??," Fab wrote Tuesday (October 6) morning on his twitter. [50 Cent Talks About THisIs50 Fest Live – Watch Here]

     "I wonder if this is a law in the 50th law of power book?? I guess it was a good show 4 NY.. But if u asked 50 a few years ago if he ever saw hisself on stage with any of them he woulda said H*LL NO! Still 2 this day, 1 of the illest things i saw..Was 1 year a stadium full of fans screamin 4 Ja Rule, the next year sh*ttin on him 4 50 cent At 50's peak his grind was unmatched, image was bulletproof, music was ignorantly motivational & catchy, even classic. most never hav that So dont think im takin shots at 50.. Jus that NY show had me a lil puzzled.. But i love NY so i couldnt knock it if i wanted to." [50 Cent, D-Block, Maino, Cory Gunz – At ThisIs50 Fest – Watch Here]

50 Cent, D-Block, Maino, Cory Gunz – At ThisIs50 Fest


50 Cent – Many Men (ThisIs50 Fest)