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Fabolous Clarifies 50 Cent Statements

Posted By on October 7, 2009

      Yesterday Fabolous hit up Twitter to take a shot at 50 Cent and his ThisIs50 music festival questioning the event uniting New York rappers after stating that 50's past beefs helped to break up the unity. Now Fab has come forward to say that his comments were misunderstood. "The only thing I really don't like about Twitter is a lot of what you say can be taken out of context," Fab said in a statement. "The kind of artist he was when he started he was almost totally against that. He isolated himself and G-Unit, and even attacked other people, and had beefs with other people, mainly other New York rappers. A lot of people feel like he helped crumble New York Rap because he changed people's perspectives, changed people's situations." Fab goes on to clarify "I'm not against 50. I didn't say it in a beef way."

      After Fabolous wrote his first comments, 50 took to his blog to respond. "Reading what Fab said about me on Twitter was disappointing," Fif wrote. "I have extended myself to Fab personally to allow him to expand himself as an international Touring Artist. I thought we were Friends but that's cool," 50 said before quoting his new book.