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Fabolous Continues To Deny Involvement For Himself & His Street Family Entertainment

Posted By on December 17, 2007

Fabolous has spoken yet out again and denied being at Club Duvet on November 23. That was the night his childhood friend Shamal McKinney killed, during an fight with another man. Fabolous says was celebrating Thanksgiving with his family in New Jersey.

"On Thanksgiving, I think I came out of the house one time – to go get eggnog," Fabolous told The New York Daily News. "And there wasn't any eggnog at Club Duvet." Fabolous also denied that members of his Street Family Entertainment were thugs who snatched expensive jewelry from unwitting celebrities in Manhattan. "I in no way support criminal activity. Most of the people that are around me work in association with what I do in the music business…I don't have any hangers-on. I can't really afford them."