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Fabolous is “Disappointed With Law Enfourcement”

Posted By on December 4, 2007

Hip-Hop star Fabolous has come forward to deny reports that he was involved, or present, the evening a childhood friend was stabbed to death inside of a New York nightclub.

Various reports have placed the rapper inside of Club Duvet on November 23, just hours before 25-year-old Shamel McKinney was stabbed to death by three unknown assailants during a scuffle.

Recent reports stated that McKinney was a part of Fabolous’ Street Family crew, a supposed band of criminals that allegedly rob celebrities and entertainers for expensive jewelry in and around popular nightclubs in New York.

In an exclusive statement to AllHipHop.com, Fabolous, born John Jackson, dismissed the rumors.

"I would like the New York community and my fans and supporters from all over to know how disappointed and ashamed I am of our law enforcement officials who have tried to abuse my name, because of my profession as a rapper to try to link me/my brand to negative situations and people that are not in my close circle," Fabolous told AllHipHop.com. "I am an entertainer and do not claim or boast to be a Gangster, Godfather, Leader of some street organization and I do not want the young people who listen to my music and watch my videos to believe that I am engaged in any illegal activities that would discredit my character."

Police are still investigating McKinney’s murder.

A bloody, 7 inch folding knife was recovered from a construction dumpster shortly after McKinney’s slaying and police are still reviewing video footage of the incident, in hopes of identifying a suspect.

Fabolous’ attorney, Alberto Ebanks of law firm Ebanks and Sattler, also emphatically denied that his client was present during the altercation or connected to a larger street organization.

"This is all pure fantasy. When the smoke is clear, the world will see that he is not involved its all just been suggestions," Ebanks told AllHipHop.com.

Ebanks also suggest exploring legal options to counter the negative press his client has received due to the reports his alleged involvement.

"We are really going to explore all options, because there is nothing that ties Fab to any kind of criminal conduct," Ebanks told AllHipHop.com. "It’s a story based on innuendo and conjecture."