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Fabolous Replace Weezy For Jeezy?

Posted By on February 27, 2007

While prepping the release of his next album, Fabolous has shot the video for his lead single "Diamonds." While some may recall Lil' Wayne was originally on the song, he has since been replaced by Young Jeezy. 

As Fabolous explained, no beef rumors should spread regarding him and Lil' Wayne. It appears it was all label drama.

"We're definitely very cool with Jeezy," he told MTV. "Wayne is on a different label, I think it was … some industry politics, but I didn't get in the mix of it. Me and Wayne are still really cool, but what we did was put Jeezy on the record to clear all the confusion of the back and forth. I didn't really have a lot of time; he came in, stepped in and did his thing."
With the new video, Fabolous also went all out on jewelery.

"I gotta play up to the position…The video is called 'Diamonds,' so I had to come with the ice work on — the ice with the on and off switch on it. So I came through; people were blinded by the occasion. I had the Rich Young piece. That's the promo piece. I threw the herringbone in there. I had some black diamonds. We had some Jacobs; I switched the watches up crazy. We went real chunky on the wrist," he said.
Well, all of this is leading up to Fab's upcoming album From Nothin' to Somethin'. The LP is scheduled to hit stores April 17.