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Jim Jones & Fabolous Fight in Miami

Posted By on June 15, 2006

Allegedly Jim Jones and his group of goonies got into an altercation with Fabolous and his crew in a Miami night club recently. A debate over who was the pioneer of the white and yellow diamond combination quickly turned into a full on fist fight.

There are some arguments in life that never need to happen and this is definitely one of them. I may be able to deal with this rumor a little better if the participants had a cervix but this is some hoe shit. Fighting over a fashion trend? Yeah, that’s real gangsta guys.

I would expect this kind of behavior from Kanye and Pharrell. If those two can put their little fashion differences away and make an incredibly annoying song together I know there is hope for Capo and Fab.

Maybe Sickamore is right. These guys are getting a little too fly for their own good. All of the shit looks ridiculous in my opinion. I mean really, what the fuck?

In other Dip Set gossip, word is that Juelz Santana got jumped this passed weekend at the Puerto Rican Day parade by some unknown dudes. Rumble young man rumble! I guess he couldn’t scale over a nearby fence from that ass whooping in time like Cam’ron did at the Rucker. (source)