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Man Arrested For Murdering Fabolous’ Friend

Posted By on December 6, 2007

A Brooklyn man thought to be connected to the fatal stabbing of rapper Fabolous' friend was caught in Atlanta.

26-year-old Anthony Taylor could be brought to New York from Atlanta to face murder charges as early as today (Dec. 6), according to the New York Daily News.

Taylor is accused of knifing to death Shamel Mckinney outside Duvet on Nov. 23. McKinney and Fabolous are long-time friends and were said to be at the club together that night, though Fab has denied being there.

Police say the altercation took place when McKinney tried to nab a $10,000 chain that Taylor was wearing.

McKinney, who had an arrest record for drugs and robbery, is believed to be part of an alleged crew of thieves who call themselves Street Family who hit up clubs looking for celebrities to ambush and snatch jewelry from. Fabolous (born John Jackson) is said to be down with the group as well, even footing the bill for each member, up to 20 friends, to sport blinged out SF chains.

The rapper denied being involved with any chain-snatching operation, saying, "I do not want the young people who listen to my music and watch my videos to believe that I am engaged in any illegal activities that would discredit my character."

He also denies even being at the club the night his pal was murdered, though a club promoter said he saw him there.

The murder suspect's family can't believe he would be involved in the stabbing.

"He's just not that type of person," said Taylor's uncle Keith. "I can't believe he did it. He was in the rap industry. He sold his own CDs on the street. That's it. He was just a quiet guy."

Police said Taylor, had an arrest record in New York, but gave no further details.

On the night of McKinney's death, McKinney and Taylor were kicked out of the club for fighting. The two continued to scrap outside, where McKinney was fatally stabbed. Police found a bloody, 7-inch switchblade in a nearby dumpster.